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We have a rule amendment for our Terry Worley Super Street Division. This rule amendment effective immediately!   WEIGHT: Engine #1: 3100 lbs. after race with driver. – Can run stock style, Bert, or Brinn transmission. For stock, Clutch and pressure plate or triple disc clutch with flex plate is OK (No smaller than 5.5″). Engine #2 (604 Crate): 3000 lbs. after race with driver with Bert or Brinn style transmission. – Clutch and pressure plate or triple disc clutch with flex plate [...]

June 21st, 2019 – Demolition Derby Rules

Demolition Derby Presented by Carolina Derby Promotions   Gastonia, NC (After a night of racing)   Front Wheel Drive/Compact 1st. $500 2nd. $200 3rd. $100 MAD DOG. $200 $$$$FREE ENTRY FEE IF YOU PRE ENTER$$$$   Enter at the following site:   Drivers must purchase pit pass.   *****Plus a Power Wheels Derby for the Kids******   FWD/COMPACTS Rules   Read and re-read ALL rules carefully, do not twist or bend these rules. If it doesn’t say you can do it, don’t assume that you can, ASK first or don’t do it! . All Judges decisions will be final!! Use common [...]

***** 2019 Points Information *****

2019 Points Rules Points for regular season are as posted: 1st: 30 2nd: 28 3rd: 27 4th: 26 5th: 25 6th: 24 7th: 23 8th: 22 9th: 21 10th: 20 11th: 19 12th: 18 13th: 17 14th: 16 15th: 15 16th: 14 17th: 13 18th: 12 19th: 11 20th: 10 21st: 9 22nd: 8 23rd: 7 24th: 6   The Carolina Speedway Track Championships WILL BE decided at the King of the Carolina’s. The top 5 in points after the regular season will advance to the championship round. (King of the Carolina’s) Those 5 driver’s point’s totals will be reset to 1,000. Each of those drivers will add bonus [...]