Enduro Race

Saturday, October 24, 2020

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Carolina Speedway Enduro Rules

1. No racecars are allowed.

2. Race is for stock type cars. If car does not come with it, you can’t run it. Don’t ask.

3. Any 4 cylinder, 6 cylinder or 8 cylinder car legal. Mini Vans legal. Small size pickups ok too, but only if they sit low and are safe. Ask on trucks before bringing.

4. No Cutting, chopping, channeling, or shortening.

5. Stock type bumper.

6. Suspension must be stock for make and model.

7. Engine must be stock for make and model.

8. Exhaust must be stock.

9. Transmission must be stock for make and model.

10. Any series street legal DOT tires ok.

11. Wheels must be stock, alum or may run aftermarket Nomad spoke wheels.

12. Battery may be moved to back of car and securely mounted.

13. Fuel cell recommended, but not required. 22 Gal max

14. All glass must be removed.

15. Doors must be welded or chained shut.

16. Roll cage recommended, but not required. Any added safety features inside of car ok.

17. Raceceivers will not be needed.

18. Transponders will not be used. Each driver entered will be required to provide a person to score their car. Car will not be scored without a scorer. Scorer will score in stands. Instructions and supplies will be given out before race.

19. All cars will go through tech before race for safety checks.

20. Intentional rough driving will be addressed if needed.

21. Pit stops are allowed.

22. Any car that has a flat tire on right side will be black flagged. If, after 5 laps, car has not pitted, car will no longer be scored.

23. A legible number must be on right side of car.

24. No duplicate numbers. Numbers given out by order of entry

25. There will no cautions. If a situation occurs on track, a red flag will be displayed. Assume any lights on other than green means a red flag. Driver has to stop immediately once red flag is displayed. If driver does not stop in a reasonable amount of time, the driver will be penalized 1 lap.

26. Pits are open during red flags. Drivers entering back into race after pitting during red flag will be held in pits 30 seconds after green is displayed to keep from giving that driver an advantage.

27. No drinking in pits!!