March 9th and 10th: Skyler Trull Memorial

March 9th and 10th: Skyler Trull Memorial

GASTONIA, NC – One of the South’s most prestigious racing events is only a week away as once again Carolina Speedway’s season opener will be the 18th Annual Carolina Clash Skyler Trull Memorial, March 8-10, 2018.
“This is a special weekend every year,” said Carolina Speedway’s Bruce Arrants. “This is much more than a race and it has turned into a huge event, that we are very proud to host.”
The event held in the honor of Skyler Trull each March has become a fixture in the southeast over the last decade. Skylar’s father Larry is a crew member and cousin of veteran racer Doug Sanders. Sanders’ car carries the colors of the event each year.



Friday night March 9th will feature a full night of racing. On the card will be Renegades ,  SECA OWM, SECA Crate ”Thunder” Sportsman, SECA Thunder Bombers, SECA Hornets having a full program and the  SECA Late Models will be qualifying and running heat races on Friday night.

Pit gate opens on Friday night March 9th at 3:00 PM with Grandstands open at 5:00 PM. Drivers meeting will take place at 7:00 with hot laps at 7:20. Racing will begin at 8:00 PM. General admission tickets are $15 and pits are $25. 

Saturday night, March 10th will be a full program for the Carolina Clash Super Late Models with the main event being the $5,000 to win Skyler Trull Memorial.  Plus the SECA Late Models will be back to the Action Track. Also on the card will be the MMSA Four Cylinders , Super Streets, SECA Pure Streets, and SECA Hornets.

Saturday March 10th pit gates will open at 12:00 PM. Grandstands will open at 4:00 pm. Drivers meeting will be at 5:00 with racing at 6:00 PM. General admission will be $25 with pit admission $35.




7:00 Drivers Meeting

7:20 Hot Laps

·         Renegade- (Blue Light)

·         SECA Modz- (Green Light)

·         SECA Sportsman- (Red Light)

·         Thunder Bombers- (Blue & Green)

·         Hornets- (Red & Yellow)

·         SECA LM- (Yellow Lights)


·         Renegade Heats- (5 Laps)

·         SECA Modz Heats- (5 Laps)

·         SECA Sportsman Heats- (5 Laps)

·         Thunder Bomber Heats- (5 Laps)

·         Hornets Heats- (5 Laps)

·         SECA LM Qualifying- (2 Laps) (Lock in 6)

·         SECA LM Dash Top 6-(6 laps) initial start as they qualified

·         Intermission

·         Renegade Feature (12 laps) $600 to win

·         SECA Modz Feature (15 laps) $750.00 to win

·         SECA Sportsman Feature (15 laps) $750.00 to win

·         SECA LM Heats – (8 laps)

·         Hornets Feature-(12 Laps) $500 to win

·         Thunder Bomber Feature- (12 Laps) $500.00 to win



5:00 Drivers Meeting

5:20 Hot Laps

·         Super Street- (Red Light)

·         MMSA- (All Lights)

·         Clash- (White Lights)

·         Pure Street- (Blue Light)

·         SECA LM- (Yellow Lights)

·         Hornets- (Red & Yellow)



1.      Carolina Clash Qualifying- (2 Laps)

2.      MMSA Qualifying- (2 Laps)

3.      Super Street Heats- (5 Laps)

4.      Hornets Heats-(5 Laps)

5.      Pure Street Heats-(5 Laps)

6.      Intermission (Fireworks)

7.      Carolina Clash Heats- (6 Laps)

8.      Super Street Feature-(15 Laps) $1000 to win

9.      Pure Street Feature- (12 Laps) $500 to win

10.  SECA LM Feature – (30 Laps) $3000 to win

11.  MMSA Feature- (25 Laps) $1500 to win

12.  Carolina Clash Feature – (40 Laps) $5000 to win

13.  Hornets Feature- (12 Laps) $750 to win



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